Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Journal

I loved this article on how to treat a journal. The take away is not to feel that they must be preserved. The journal is not a piece of artwork or a memoir, it is a white space you can dump on....and when it's filled, move on to a new one.

I use mine to organize my thoughts and for list making. I make shopping lists, to do lists, lists of story ideas, lists of projects, lists of supplies, lists of things to do with my kids, lists of places to vacation to, lists of ways I want to change, lists of worries and so forth. It's a beautiful medium because it tracks the days, which at this age, seem to be slipping into blankness. My memories lack lucidity and I am often left grasping onto wisps of what actually happened.

Here's a photo of mine. It's well loved. 

If you've ever picked up last year's journal and read a thought and had that memory jump up out of nowhere at you, you will be hooked.

I also doodle in them. Putting pen to paper seems so old fashioned but there's something that rises to the surface when you are free to draw, scribble, glue things to pages (a glue stick is awesome to carry around) and then flip through those pages later on. I've used the digital medium to journal but it simply lacks the tactility, the tangibility I crave to organize my evanescent thoughts.

Here is a link to a short little exercise on doodling that I really liked. It gets your brain lubricated and pumps up your creativity. Just doing this even five minutes a day frees you up to think outside your normal box.

And, here are the journals I made and sell on my blog.
One side of each page is lined for writing and the other side I left blank for doodling. Pick one up and write all over it. Get that white cover dirty!

Food Cart Journal (for the foodie)
Bike Pyle Journal (for the avid biker)
Old Town China Town with the Hung Far Low Sign (for THAT guy)
Paul Bunyan (for the flannel wearing bearded dude)

St Johns Bridge Painting

This took me forever. And, after doing this, I realized how much more I feel like I really know this bridge. After taking a ton of photos, drawing, sewing and painting the bridge I have a much deeper appreciation of its beauty. One of my favorite parts of doing this scene was using the lamp posts to accentuate the perspective. They are very old fashioned in appearance and add to the mood of the piece. I used a lot of purple because this piece was pre purchased by a woman who told me she really liked the colors I used in my art and how they made her feel. I hope she likes this one. I plan to deliver it to her this week.
This was painted on gessoed canvas using green, yellow, blue, red and white fabric inks.

Today I also delivered my first order to Radish Underground for shirts, bags and journals. I am thrilled because I fell in love with Celeste's boutique when it was on Burnside and am a big fan.

I had to update because I was so thrilled when my neighborhood FB page asked if they could post my art as their backdrop for awhile. Can I be honest here and just say that it feels really, really good?
It feels great. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Street Fairs

It was the weekend of two street fairs and it rained though out the both of them. It was fun talking to folks and I was really honored that one customer came up to me and prepaid!!! me for my art piece of the St. John's Bridge that I have not started sewing out yet. That made my day. Here's a photo of my booth at the St. John's Bizzare. I went simple and it seemed to work.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Swifts at Chapman

I've always been fascinated with the Swifts at Chapman School. When they make their fluid descent into the Chimney it is one awe inspiring visual. There is always a hawk or two trying to snake one of tiny swifts. Here is my sew out of that scene. I loved making it and although sewing out all the bricks and the birds took a long time, it was one of the more fun images I've made.
It is the first time I've sewn on canvas that's been gessoed and I wasn't sure how it would work out but it was great to sew on although it did produce more lint. 
I also drew the image out on the computer first which made the process of sewing it out much easier as I knew where I was going. 
I waited to paint this one until after I had sewn the image out. I am not sure how this will work out as the canvas has gesso on it, meaning my paint will have to be thicker. I will post the result once I finish it. You can also check out the final result at the Portland street fairs this weekend.
This design will be available on shirts at the St John's Bizarre on Saturday and at the Kenton Street Fair on Sunday. If you bring your own shirt, jacket or skirt I will press it on your garment for $10. Come find me!

Update. So, definitely paint BEFORE sewing. This was a huge mess and really hard to do a good painting while trying to avoid the thread. The paint had to be a little thicker and it tended to hide the black thread. I did my best. I thought it pretty much ruined the heart of Swifts.
Here's the outcome.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mugs, journals & stickers.

Just got these mugs in and they are adorable. I'm drinking my coffee out of one of them right now.

These journals I had printed right here in Portland at Natural Press using all recycled paper. The inside front pages are lined for writing along with a corner picture of the front. The back I left blank for doodling etc as I always find myself wanting to doodle and write. They are exceptional. I am thrilled with them.

Everything is available in my Etsy store. So check it out. I am going to be doing the local street fairs like Kenton and St John's so come say hi and pick up some art from me directly.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our dogs are friends. Happy Valentines Day.

Made this for Bill's Valentine's gift. It's Harriet and Olive sitting together on a chair that has a heart shaped back. He loved it!
Really fun to make although my daughter liked the painting better before I sewed on it. I thought the back looked kind of cool too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Portland In Stitches shirts are ready.

I printed the Kenton design first. I think I like Paul Bunyan better on the side of the shirt rather than centered.

You can buy these on Etsy right now. Check it out!