Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DEVO doll shakes his fist at Portland Demolition

My friend Michael told me about his latest art project. Not giving too much away but apparently Devo Doll is paying a visit to demo sites around Portland and waving his fist at them.
He sent me one of his photos and I made this from it. Messed up terribly on the perspective but it made me laugh a lot while sewing it out.

On this one I painted it first and then sewed over it.

It's hard to watch parts of Portland being torn down. I get the Ivy Island people in St. Johns (although I think it silly for them to fight for a piece of concrete.) I wish they'd save these trees instead.
They are being torn down on a house on a hill with the most amazing view of the St. John's bridge. It is a sad story of what happened to this property. Apparently they split it up in a most awkward way to build something right up next to it (to make mo $.) To do so they have to rip down two beautiful old trees. My guess is they could have kept that lot intact and beautiful...and made a lot more $.

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