Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Old Town Chinatown Free Motion Embroidery Painting

I love the Chinatown Gate in downtown Portland but for me, the Hung Far Low sign has always signaled that I'm here. I miss the Chinatowns of SF and Oakland and our Portland Old Town Chinatown feels a bit like a token representation of our Chinese community and apparently much of it has relocated to 82nd Ave. I've never eaten at Hung Far Low but the sign has been revitalized and it has been kept in tact for all of us to enjoy.

I photographed this vantage point of Old Town Chinatown last month making the lamp post a key element. With this piece I sewed it out first and then painted in the lines. I prefer painting first but I wanted to see what it looked like. It's pretty cool but felt a bit like color in the lines after sewing.

Old Town Chinatown Portland No Color

Old Town Chinatown Portland Painted

I also made a graphic out of this design for the Portland In Stitches t-shirt collection.

You Can Purchase This Old Town Chinatown T-shirt Here

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