Thursday, January 14, 2016

Women Bathing Free Motion Embroidery and Painting

It's true, life is just better after a good soak. I've always loved images of women taking baths and I found a couple of images on the Internet that I loosely based these pieces on.

I had not quite learned how to properly adjust the tension on my bobbin in my weird Kenmore (so old Montevilla had a difficult time finding an electrical cord that fit) sewing machine so it took me FOREVER to write out Sylvia Plath's quote. Turns out there is a tiny screw on the bobbin holder that you cannot see until you pull it out. It kept jamming and was so frustrating that it required me to run myself a bath after I finished.

I painted this piece after I finished sewing out the image.
I framed it in a sparkly blue glitter frame I found at Freddy's and gifted it to my dear friend Kelley. who really needs more baths in her life.

This piece I painted before I sewed it out. I painted it onto a piece of Pellon so the texture is a bit odd. I based the image from a photo on the Internet and sewed the image just sort of going where the machine led me. At the last minute I decided to have her holding a heart. The back is a little weak and I'd rework that part if I sew it out again.

I ended up adding some words to it and also framing it in a sparkly blue frame. The words say "I washed myself clean with my heart." Although these pieces are not depictions of Portland, I did give this one to someone in Portland. And, I stitched it while in Portland. I wonder if that still fits with the theme.

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