Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to Journal

I loved this article on how to treat a journal. The take away is not to feel that they must be preserved. The journal is not a piece of artwork or a memoir, it is a white space you can dump on....and when it's filled, move on to a new one.

I use mine to organize my thoughts and for list making. I make shopping lists, to do lists, lists of story ideas, lists of projects, lists of supplies, lists of things to do with my kids, lists of places to vacation to, lists of ways I want to change, lists of worries and so forth. It's a beautiful medium because it tracks the days, which at this age, seem to be slipping into blankness. My memories lack lucidity and I am often left grasping onto wisps of what actually happened.

Here's a photo of mine. It's well loved. 

If you've ever picked up last year's journal and read a thought and had that memory jump up out of nowhere at you, you will be hooked.

I also doodle in them. Putting pen to paper seems so old fashioned but there's something that rises to the surface when you are free to draw, scribble, glue things to pages (a glue stick is awesome to carry around) and then flip through those pages later on. I've used the digital medium to journal but it simply lacks the tactility, the tangibility I crave to organize my evanescent thoughts.

Here is a link to a short little exercise on doodling that I really liked. It gets your brain lubricated and pumps up your creativity. Just doing this even five minutes a day frees you up to think outside your normal box.

And, here are the journals I made and sell on my blog.
One side of each page is lined for writing and the other side I left blank for doodling. Pick one up and write all over it. Get that white cover dirty!

Food Cart Journal (for the foodie)
Bike Pyle Journal (for the avid biker)
Old Town China Town with the Hung Far Low Sign (for THAT guy)
Paul Bunyan (for the flannel wearing bearded dude)

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