Thursday, June 16, 2016

St Johns Bridge Painting

This took me forever. And, after doing this, I realized how much more I feel like I really know this bridge. After taking a ton of photos, drawing, sewing and painting the bridge I have a much deeper appreciation of its beauty. One of my favorite parts of doing this scene was using the lamp posts to accentuate the perspective. They are very old fashioned in appearance and add to the mood of the piece. I used a lot of purple because this piece was pre purchased by a woman who told me she really liked the colors I used in my art and how they made her feel. I hope she likes this one. I plan to deliver it to her this week.
This was painted on gessoed canvas using green, yellow, blue, red and white fabric inks.

Today I also delivered my first order to Radish Underground for shirts, bags and journals. I am thrilled because I fell in love with Celeste's boutique when it was on Burnside and am a big fan.

I had to update because I was so thrilled when my neighborhood FB page asked if they could post my art as their backdrop for awhile. Can I be honest here and just say that it feels really, really good?
It feels great. 

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